How does tuition work? (is it monthly/ by session) 


Tuition is monthly and is based on the full calendar year. Meaning we don’t charge more on months with 5 weeks of classes but we also don’t charge less for months with 3 (due to holiday breaks) since it all works out the same in the end. Tuition is due on the 1st of the month and is considered late after the 15th of the month. 


Does my child need to be potty trained to take classes? 


While we do prefer gymnasts/ dancers be potty trained this is not a requirement for our mommy and me and preschool classes. A parent must stay in the building if their child wears a pull up or diaper to assist with toileting needs. Students in advanced preschool gymnastics and up are required to be toilet trained. 


Do you allow make up classes? 


We do not offer make up classes but do offer a free open gym/ tumbling pass. This is because our classes are very full and we want to keep our classes in ratio to keep it fair for everyone. If you missed class you can request an open gym/tumbling pass at the front desk. 


What should my child wear and bring with them to class? 


We ask that children taking classes wear athletic style clothing that aren’t too large/ come over the head. We prefer leotards for gymnastics. Two piece sets are not recommended in gymnastics but are okay for tumbling/ Acro / contortion classes. For rec ballet classes we ask for black or pink leotards/ pink tights and pink ballet shoes. All other dances classes can be tan tights and any choice of Dancewear. Students should bring a water bottle and have any long hair pulled back. (Buns requested for dance classes) 


When are team tryouts? 


Team tryouts for our dance/Acro team and gymnastics team tend to take place in June. Join our email list to receive updates. The seasons run from August- June with optional classes in July. 


Are parents allowed to watch? 


Yes! We have a lobby in both the dance and gymnastics building with monitors into the space students are so parents can watch.